We have all heard of the old woman who lived in a shoe and had so many children she didn’t know what to do, but whoever heard of a woman living (or at least sleeping) in a tree?

Getting high is one thing, but sleeping in a tree some 20 feet in the air is quite another!

It all happened in Lanzhou, Gansu province, China, where shoppers in a mall heard some loud snoring and could not figure out where the noise was coming from; that is, until they looked skyward. That’s when they saw a homeless woman fast asleep on a narrow tree branch.

“We wouldn’t have known where the snoring was coming from except for the fact that one of her shoes fell off and hit someone on the head,” said one shopper.

At first, the police who were called to the scene could not believe the cries for help and the sight before them of a woman sleeping in such a precarious position.

They did eventually persuade the unfortunate woman to come down from her precarious perch with lures of sandwiches and a bottle of water.

The plight of the homeless population in China is becoming more and more difficult to ignore, and has left many, including this poor woman, up a tree without a paddle, (or something like that).




M Dee Dubroff is the penname of this freelance writer and former teacher originally from Brooklyn, New York. A writer of ghostly and horror fiction, she has branched out into the world of humorous non fiction writing and maintains eight web sites covering a wide variety of topics. She also writes feature articles for several local newspapers. Her book entitled: A Taste of Funny, and her website, Eat, Drink And Really Be Merry (http://www.ingestandimbibe.com) feature many well researched and humorous articles on the subject of food and drink.