If you are visiting South Korea you are in luck, because now you can go and see the new Toilet Museum in Suwon, 24 miles south of Seoul. It may not be the word’s first museum dedicated to the humble loo, and, surely, not the first house turned museum, but it is definitely the first toilet bowl shaped house turned museum.

Now why would one want to live in a house that looks like a toilet? Even if that person is the chairman of the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association Sim Jae-Duck. Well, this man clearly has a passion for bathrooms since he has indeed built the worlds only 4,508 sq. ft., 1.6 million dollar toilet house in 2007.

He called it, you guessed it – “Mr. Toilet’s House”, and it was a part of his campaign for clean and beautiful bathrooms worldwide. This elegant modern structure was built in place of Sim’s former house out of glass and concrete, has 2 stores and a bathroom in the center with glass walls.

It is admirable to see such dedication to the cause – the proceeds from the museum will go towards cleaner toilets around the world. Let’s hope that his efforts do not go in vain and one day we will be able to enjoy our public bathrooms.




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