For one couple in China, the joy that comes with a newborn child quickly turned to horror when they learned that their darling baby girl has two heads.

25-year old Bao Qiaoyang, after having two ultrasounds and being told her baby was perfectly healthy, was shocked to discover that a third ultrasound, performed in early May, revealed that her baby had one body yet two heads.

The young woman and her husband, Liao Guojon, decided that an abortion was the best way to go, and went to Suining Central Hospital to have the difficult task performed. Unfortunately, before the procedure could be carried out, Bao went into labor, forcing the baby to be born via C-section. According to the doctor, while a termination could have been performed during the C-section, the procedure would have been too dangerous and could have resulted in the death of the mother.

Once the baby was delivered, it was revealed that in addition to having an extra head, she possesses two spines and an extra half heart. The rest of the organs are shared.

Echoing the contemporary American case of Brittney and Abigail Hensel, albeit in a far more disturbing way due to the number of shared organs, the doctors are unable to separate one of the heads, and as a result they have to live as they are: Two heads, one body.

Although cases of babies born with two heads are not unheard of (a similar case was seen in Bangladesh in 2008), doctors say this is the first such case in China.