A far cry from that old association of decades ago about American flight attendants and “coffee, tea or me,” comes this situation in China with stewardesses having to defend themselves against groping hands from all directions while serving food and drinks in the air.

Airline bosses at Hong Kong Airlines are now offering classes so that flight attendants can learn the high-kicking, deadly art of Wing Chun, designed to put any would be aggressor rather harshly in his place within seconds.

“This type of kung fu works best at very close range so it is ideal for a plane,” says instructor, Sifu Lu Heng.

Hong Kong Airlines has made learning this form of self-defense mandatory training among flight attendants. They believe it will enhance confidence, self-esteem and the ability to work together as a team.

Also known as Ving Tsu, this martial arts form utilizes striking and grappling techniques.

So if you are a guy who tends to get carried away with drinking on airplanes and become free with your hands when you do so, better avoid traveling on Hong Kong Airways.

Unacceptable behavior may cause you to be unable to ever use them the same way again.

Check out this video depicting some cool Kung-Fu moves.





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