There’s nothing more annoying than waiting in a long line for something. Well, except when you wait for over half a day for tickets, only to be shut down. This happened to Chen Weiwei, a Chinese migrant workers in the Zhjiang province of East China. After waiting in a queue across two days in January, only to be told the tickets were “unavailable, and sold out,” he did what any rational human being would do: Took off his clothes.


Marching into the office of the on-duty director of Jinhua Railway Station wearing nothing but his underwear and presumably a very angry look on his face, Chen demanded he be given an explanation for his treatment. The director, who probably looked at him with a rather “WTF?” look, simply told him to get dressed.

Since this is the age of the Internet, his picture was taken by someone and eventually posted online, garnering hundreds of comments. In the end, Chen emerged victorious, receiving five tickets, thanks to the help of the railway station.

Chen eventually apologized for his actions, stating he was acting in his wife’s best interests, who was set to give birth to their new baby. While his actions may have been slightly, well, crazy, he managed to draw attention to his problem. I would have written a letter or simply asked to speak to someone in charge, but I supposed stripping down to your skivvies is a good solution.