For a nation almost obsessed with modesty, particularly when it comes to women’s attire, Indian citizens are shocked by a popular model’s claim that she will strip naked if India wins the Cricket World Cup.

Poonam Pandey, aged 20, is a much-admired model who is currently featured on a top selling Indian swimwear calendar. She believes her offer is an incentive for players to give it their all, although as of yet, no one can say whether or not her proposal will be accepted.

“I’m a cricket fanatic and I’m a diehard supporter of my nation. India needs a lot of support and this is my way of supporting the team… I’m confident of my body and I’m doing this to excite our boys to play better,” Pandey told reporters.

Although she swears this is no publicity stunt, the lovely model received more media attention that any clothed (or unclothed) model could ever hope for. A Times of India story further propelled her offer featuring a color photograph of her wearing a skimpy bikini.

This is not the first time a model has offered to “bare it all” for a cause.

Last year, Larissa Riquelme, a model from Paraguay, pledged to run naked through the streets of the capital city of Asuncion if her country won the 2010 football World Cup. When Paraguay lost to Spain, determined to take her clothes off, she instead posed nude in front of her national flag.

The connection between nudity and patriotism is murky at best.

What about those law-abiding citizens who don’t have such perfect bodies?

Can they love their country too in their own particular, overweight  or out-of-shape way?




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