You would think letting your child be even slightly overweight would be a sign that you’re not really fit to be a parent, so one has to wonder what goes through the mind of the parents of Lu Hao, a three-year old from China that weighs a whopping 132 pounds (57 kg).

The child’s parents have attempted to stop him from eating so much food, but every time they do, he becomes an apparent demon spawn and acts hysterical. They’re literally afraid of him. I’m going to guess discipline is not this family’s forte. The child isn’t even allowed to attend school, as the institution where he would be enrolled forbade him access, citing his weight as a danger to the other children.

Lu Hao weighs five times the normal weight for a child his age, and one can only assume that if he continues his current eating habits he’ll die. He can barely move, and doctors say that all of the excess weight is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on his young heart.

His appetite is insane, and his diet often consists of three huge bowls of rice in a single sitting, which is far more than either of his parents eat combined. Although he eats a lot, there is the chance that his weight gain and size is related to a hormonal imbalance, an idea given credence when you discover that he was born underweight and has continues growing steadily in size since the age of three months.

Someone call P.T. Barnum, we have a winner.