Sneaker Freaker magazine is slated to start offering dog poop insurance to Japanese sneaker viewers—but only if the idea earns them 100,000 votes.

Stepping in dog poop is a part of life. It sucks, but it happens. God knows how many honorable men, women, and children have lost their favorite sneakers to it.

The folks at Sneaker Freaker, a bi-annual magazine dedicated to sneakers, know all too well about dog poop. So to appease the masses, they’re considering dropping a special ‘unko hoken’ (poop insurance) package that’ll allow one to “enroll with a single payment” for some good old fashioned dog poop insurance.

If and when you step in dog poop, then if and only if the poop covers more than 5 square centimeters of the shoe’s sole, you just take a photo of it (the poop on the shoe), and then send the photo and shoe to Sneaker Freaker. If it passes their eligibility requirements, then they’ll provide you with the money needed to buy another pair.

Here’s the catch. They’ll only proceed with this dog poop insurance idea if they earn 100,000 votes on their website. So check out the video below, and if you like it, make sure you vote!

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