A goofy Indian policeman shot himself in the stomach and arm just so he could win a coveted bravery award.

Mahesh Raiguru is a man with a dream. He wants no thing more than to be recognized for his outstanding bravery. And he was just about to get it too.

Apparently, while on duty in Jaipur, Mahesh came under fire from six men for no reason whatsoever. These men then sped off, leaving him wounded via three bullet wounds.

However, investigators noticed many inconsistencies with the supposed incident.

“Senior officials rushed to the spot and found his statements and crime scene suspicious,” police commissioner Arun Macya told members of the Press Trust of India (PTI).

Though Mahesh had enough foolish bravery to shoot himself, he didn’t have enough to keep up his lie, so he eventually broke and confessed to the truth.

He is now recovering at a hospital, while officials are debating what to do with him. Not only did he shoot himself (which is crazy) and then lie about it, but narcotic drugs were found at his home.

Suffice it to say, it doesn’t look like Mahesh is going to be getting that award. So sad . . .

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