Owning one or two dogs can be a real nightmare chockablock with destroyed electronic products, scratched-up furniture, and poop galore. So just imagine what it’d be like to own 140 dogs!

Li Zongwen, 59, is a certified dog lover who adopted 140+ stray dogs from the mean streets of Wuhan, China. A former chef, Li put aside his career to take care of the creatures he loves the most: dogs.

It’s an extremely expensive mission that costs close to $1000 (6560 yuan) a month. This includes keeping a sturdy roof over their furry heads, and keeping them well fed via what Time Magazine referred to a “kiddie pool-sized bowl.”

Thankfully, Li has received an outpouring of financial supporter from other dog lovers throughout China. It just goes to show that this whole ‘the Chinese hate dogs and cats’ myth is completely false.

Unfortunately, Li is merely an amateur in the adoption business. Though adopting 140 dogs is a great feat deserving of honor, it’s nothing compared to adopting 1,500 dogs!

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