Police officers are courageous soldiers of righteousness and truth who put their lives on the line every single day to protect us. Some of them chase after dangerous villains, while others investigate crimes so horrific that nightmares haunt them for the rest of their lives. But others still, others are hired for a far more grave task: they’re hired to taste food!

Today I’d like to introduce you to sub-inspector Ramphal and his assistant, assistant sub-inspector of New Delhi police, Rakesh Rasella. These two brave officers have been tasked with working as official taste testers. Everyday, they must eat three five-star meals, a task only rendered for the most brave of men.

Here’s the deal. On Wednesday, March 29, India and Pakistan will be going head to head in the Indo-Pak World Cup semi final at Mohali’s Punjab Cricket Association Stadium. What with the importance of this game, there is a risk, however slight, that some insane soul may try to poison the food.

It all stems from a Pakistani-based terrorist attack that rocked Mumbai in 2008. Since then, tensions have been very high. That said, Ramphal and Rakesh are the two lone soldiers hired to ensure these tensions don’t lead to a terrorist attack of a different kind—one that could hurt or kill a player.

“I have tasted more than 18 different dishes before they were consumed by cricketers and I hadn’t eaten many of theme ever (before)”, Rasella told Times of India reports.

While they have been given the best gig of all, they’re not the only soldiers on staff. There are in fact five other officers who have been brought in to scan luggage, inspect hotel rooms, and protect cricketers.

It may all seem a bit extreme to some, but when it comes to terrorism, no risks can be taken.

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