Although the oddest creatures and combinations of such as born all over the world on land and sea every day of the year, the following tale appears truly impossible, and yet the image below speaks for itself.

Liu Naiying is a Chinese farmer from Fugu County, Shaanxi Province. He was tending to his sheep when he spotted an ewe lying in a field licking her newborn.

“It was still wet…When I went up close to check on the lamb, I was shocked because it looked so weird, like a cross between a sheep and a dog… I was a bit frightened, as I’ve been raising sheep for 20 years and had never seen such a creature,” said Liu.

The new-born lamb, while maintaining a wooly coat that is just like that one would expect to see on a lamb, has a mouth, eyes, nose, paws and tail that strongly resemble a dog.

According to veterinarians, the possibility of a sheep giving birth to a dog is virtually impossible, but locals are flocking to Li’s farm to see this for themselves this little creature that has become somewhat of a celebrity.

According to Liu, even his sheep dog plays with the lamb as if it were a puppy, which of course, it isn’t.

“It’s not possible that a sheep could become pregnant with a puppy.” It’s likely that this is just an abnormal lamb,” says Yue Guozhang, a researcher at Xi’an City Animal Husbandry Technology Centre.

Whatever this poor little creature is, its presence is unsettling and brings to mind the words of a bearded, very eloquent, Elizabethan English bard who said:

“There are more things in heaven and earth, my dear Horatio, than are dream’d of in your philosophy.”

Check out this video below and try not to think about it before you go to sleep tonight.




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