The tragic earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck Japan on March 11 displaced thousands of people, destroyed countless families, and left a bitter nuclear disaster that still plagues the people of Japan. Thankfully, one thing they weren’t able to do is wipe out Tashirojima, better known as ‘Cat Island.’

Situated in Ishinomaki City, Japan, Cat Island is essentially an island in an island that houses about 100 elderly people, many of whom believe that filling a cat’s tummy can and will bring great wealth and good luck. As such, Cat Island is teeming with tens and thousands of stray cats. And as you can imagine, dogs aren’t allowed!

Anyway, it appears that feeding all the cats has paid off for the inhabitants, because not a single one of them was hurt or killed during the earthquake and tsunami. As for the cats, though one or two may have been killed (there is no confirmation either way), reports say that the island is still brimming with kitty cats galore.

Unfortunately, there is one problem. Inhabits of the island, both human and feline, are extremely short on food.

Japan’s Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support organization posted this on their Facebook:

“Just to give everyone an update on Tashirojima, the cat island. The people and cats are safe but short of food. A volunteer looked into transporting food by boat, but the is too much debris in the water. A helicopter is the only way. The army will probably get a helicopter ready soon so we are looking into the possibility of asking them to take cat food too.”

For information on how you can help, click HERE.

For a news brief on the situation, look below.

And remember, folks—be kind to cats, because good karma does really pay off!

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