China is known for rice. Its flavorful, tasty, and filling. Now it seems, if you’re unlucky, it will kill you.

According to a number of reports, some companies in China are making rice composed of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and…plastic? In a country known for trying to feed people urine-soaked eggs, this really doesn’t come as a shock, though it is rather disconcerting look at the state of food safety in the far East.

After the potatoes are shaped into rice grains, industrial synthetic resins are added. In the end, the rice ends up retaining its shape and staying hard after cooking. According to Weekly Hong Kong, a Korean-language newspaper, the rice is being sold in Taiyuan, a Chinese town in Shaanxi province.

Have you ever wanted to eat a plastic bag? Well, according to the online publication Very Vietnam, you only need to eat three bowls of rice to eat the equivalent of one plastic bag. But this bizarre practice of absolutely destroying the livelihood of anyone who eats the stuff is not uncommon in China. A company in Xi’an attempted to flavor rice in an attempt to make fake “Wuchang rice,” which is apparently China’s best rice.

This extends beyond rice as well. In 2008 milk and infant formula was found with melamine added to it, injuring around 300,000 people and killing six infants. Apparently melamine helps milk pass nutrition tests. How ironic.