A Chinese jewelry collector who prefers to remain unnamed has created the world’s most expensive and extravagant replica of Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, Mona Lisa, using 100,000 carats of precious jewelry.

All kinds of unusual materials have been utilized in the past as the basis for duplicates of the famous painting, including coffee cups, pieces of toast, motherboard components and even burger grease as illustrated in the video below.

But no one has ever created an excessive and dazzling display such as this one, which is currently on display at a shopping mall in Shenyang, China.

It is said that that the costly stones which adorn the painting represent a collection that has run the course of more than three decades and that it took five years to complete the work.

One can only speculate how the master, Da Vinci, would have felt about this latest homage to his enduring masterpiece.

Any comments, Leonardo?




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