Although the video included below is in Chinese, some things transcend language, and there is little doubt as to what this device, the Boob Clamp is, what it does and how it operates.

For those out there old enough to remember the corset of yesteryear and how very uncomfortable it was for our mothers and grandmothers to wear them, here comes a glorified, modernized version of that old time not so goodie, for areas of the body a bit higher than originally intended.

The Boob Clamp increases bust size by somehow sucking fat globules out of the belly and pushing them into the boobs! (You shouldn’t try this at home alone unless you really understand the meaning of the word, globules.)

The result of using the Boob Clamp is epic cleavage, but at what a price!

Although the Boob Clamp is probably a lot less expensive than surgery to alter breast size (no price listed), self-esteem and body image seem to be two commodities, which are often in danger of not being so easily alleviated. They lie a lot deeper beneath the surface and are deeply rooted in the psychological skin that covers us all.

Boob wear, although increasingly popular, can only be at best very uncomfortable.

It even looks painful.

When watching the video, try not to wince, and if you are thinking of trying this, you should probably think again.

Happy Boobs!




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