Performing your bowel movements through a perfectly healthy colon and a half-centimeter diameter hole near your urethra might seem like a great thing, but I bet one Chinese farmer only need to show you the process to convince you otherwise.

Meet Wu. A simple Chinese farmer from Jiayu county of Hubei Province, Wu has spent more than half his life without anus. The condition, known as anal atresia, was conferred upon him at birth (most likely by a really angry deity). As a result, he has spent 55 years defecating through a tiny hole near his urethra called a stoma. To actually get the stool out, he had to squeeze it out.

Thankfully, Dr. Li Zhibiao was there to help him. After becoming a bit more financially stable, the good doctor examined him and worked out a plan to construct and implant an artificial anus. After three days of preliminary examinations and construction, Wu received his brand spankin’ new anus, entering a whole new world of sitting down to defecate, maybe read a magazine or two.

The beauty of this rather odd story is that Wu never let it get him down. Despite having to follow a very strict diet and take a lot of laxatives, he got married and had children. He was thin, of course, so I guess having no anus is the ultimate diet.

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