Ren Hanzhi, aged 13, from the city of Zhumadian in China’s Henan province, cheated death last month after accidentally stabbing himself in the face with a knife.

The x-ray image above is worth a lot more than a thousand words as it clearly reveals the knife stuck nearly three inches into the boy’s face.

He was peeling an apple when he tripped and fell, jamming a nearly 8-inch knife deep into his left cheek just below his eye.  It is a miracle that the knife missed his brain, which would have killed him instantly.

“He was walking to the sofa while peeling the apple. Suddenly he slipped down and his face hit onto the sharp knife. I dared not pull out the knife as my son was screaming. It was horrifying to see your child with a knife jammed into his face,” his father told the press.

With blood pouring from the deep wound, the boy was rushed to the hospital, but it was unable to deal the emergency and transferred him to a larger facility.

Doctors were shocked at the severity of the injury, but were able to remove the knife.

Ren has been released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery within a month’s time.

Ren is one lucky little boy even though that’s probably not a word he would use to describe his near death experience.




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