is an Indian website where bachelors can get a trial run on the type of wife they would prefer as a life partner. If this sounds like a practice that should be reserved for buying a car, that is probably where the idea came from and one’s thoughts are not that far off base.

At this website, subscribers can choose between four distinct types of virtual wives: devoted homemaker, control freak, shopping and soap opera obsessive or ambitious tech-savvy banker.

Bachelors make a selection and then wait for the automated phone call from their virtual lady, the purpose of which is to help them decide when the time comes to find a real wife.

Despite the obvious agenda of virtual diversion not unlike that gleaned from any video game, Bharat Matrimony, the website’s creators, are hoping the bachelors will take their fun one giant step forward and sign up with their parent site to find an “actual” wife.

Although the old adage, “practice makes perfect” may be true in many instances, even in a country where arranged marriages are still very much the norm it would seem that matrimony (and marital bliss) remains the ultimate game of chance.

Risks may be high but rewards are even greater.

We all only live once and what better equation could there be for any worthwhile game of chance?




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