Military training conjures rigorous images of camouflage, army camps, guerrilla warfare and more guns than any one human being will ever have a permit for, but where on earth does snow fit into this equation?

For one elite unit from the People’s Liberation Army known as China’s secretive SAS-style Special Operations Force, such training separates the men from the boys, so to speak.

This is especially the case since snow is a rare occurrence in this region of central China (Wuhan, Hubei province).

It is rare for this group that usually prefers to remain shrouded in mystery to make a public appearance, but they did pose, stripped to the waist, for the above picture taken near their training base.

The drill sergeants saw the snow as the perfect venue for weeding out those recruits not fit for service.

“These men are being trained for the toughest conditions modern warfare can throw at them. If they’re frightened of a bit of snow, they’re in the wrong place,” said one instructor.

For those who might argue that knowing how to handle a gun and being brave enough to face an enemy should be enough to merit military membership, you see how wrong you can be? A willingness to die for your country and your comrades simply doesn’t seem to cut it these days!

The freezing temperatures became the setting for an athletic display of handstands in the snow. Pushed even further, the recruits all practiced kung fu techniques for a combat class. The final torture was comprised of a rubdown with ice and snow.

There may be those who question the weirdness of this military tale, but others may find it quite eye opening.

This author, for example, now knows that the military will never become a viable vocation!





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