In 2010 we introduced you to Japan’s Bijin Tokei Hot Girls Clock and China’s bra-removing contest, but now it’s time for Taiwan’s 2011 Bunny Wonderland Weather Girls Forecast.

Hosted on NextTV, the Weather Girls Forecast features 7 lusciously hot bunnies tasked with keeping American and Taiwanese men up to date on weather conditions. Each bunny handles a different day:

  • Kitty does the Sunday forecast.
  • Irene does the Monday forecast.
  • Esse does the Tuesday forecast.
  • Mimi does the Wednesday forecast.
  • Lillian does the Thursday forecast.
  • Mini does the Friday forecast.
  • And Umi does the Saturday forecast.

The beauty of the Weather Girls Forecast is that it comes in two versions: Chinese and English. The Chinese version obviously provides forecast details for Taiwan, but the English version covers the forecasts of prominent U.S. cities from the North-East, the South, the Mid-West, and even the West. Plus it offers the upcoming forecasts for the entire week.

Unfortunately, the whole presentation reeks of corniness galore. I’m talking about the type of music and outfits you’d expect from a Super Mario game. There’s even a giant carrot for effect, as the girls are supposed to be bunnies.

In case you haven’t already realized it, Asians love hot and sexy bunnies more than Hugh Hefner, and that’s a fact!

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