Sonal Waghela from Gujarat, India refuses to feed, look at, or even name to her newborn son because he kind of looks like an alien.

Alien Baby From Asia

Pictured above is a nameless child with a gargantuan, alien-like head that weighs 2.15kg (4.74lbs). According to Dr. Hiren Thumer, the little bundle of oversized joy has an accumulation of water in his head.

“The head swells like a balloon because of water accumulation inside the brain, and hence the baby looks abnormal,” Hiren said. “Generally, these types of births occur in one in a hundred thousand deliveries.”

The boy unfortunately is at great risk of death, especially within the first six months. Hiren explained that this can be avoided with brain surgery. The problem is that the baby’s own family rejects him.

When Sonal first laid eyes on him, her body went limp and she fainted in shock. She now refuses to name him, look at him, speak to him, or even nurse him. At the moment, he is being spoon-fed another woman’s breast milk because Sonal refuses to allow him within a foot of her.

It’s a very sad, unfortunate, and rather odd occurrence that hopefully will inspire some soul out there to intervene. Though this “mother” thinks her son isn’t good enough for her, the truth is that she isn’t good enough for him!

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