Avatar, the billion-dollar blockbuster from writer/director James Cameron, has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. Its advanced use of 3-D technology notwithstanding, one of its most…odd effects on the populace is its ability to induce suicide. It seems several people, upon seeing the film, having become so depressed that they can’t live on Pandora, the fictional home world of the Na’vi, that suicide has become the only option.

Of course, some people choose to celebrate Pandora’s race of massive blue-skinned aliens by including them in their weddings. Enter Pandora Tours.

In Wulingyuan, an area found in the Chinese province of Hunan, forestry officials have apparently taken it upon themselves to utilize it’s resemblance to the floating mountains of Pandora by holding “tours of Pandora” and even Avatar-themed weddings. Surely no one is foolish enough to take advantage of this…right?

Wrong. Enter Xiao Tsao, a blushing bride-to-be who, as part of a multi-party wedding amongst the sandstone pillars, felt compelled to utilize the services of these exploitation kings. Sadly, the Avatar-themed wedding did not deliver, as they were unable to emulate the Na’vi created by Cameron. According to Tsao, the “Na’vi” were nothing more than forestry workers wearing long underwear dyed blue and masks: as a whole, very disappointing.

Nothing says “eternal bliss” like giant blue weirdos mucking up your wedding photos.