Japan is no stranger to the esoteric, especially when it comes to what they consider “culinary delights.” Their crown jewel, I feel, are their absolutely batty flavors of Pepsi. Examples include Pepsi White, which is yogurt-flavored; Pepsi Ice Cucumber, which is flavored like, well, cucumber; and Pepsi Azuki, which is flavored like the Azuki Bean.
Now let’s all welcome to the party Pepsi Mont Blanc.

Pepsi Mont Blanc is a limited edition flavor of Pepsi exclusive to Japan that possesses the distinct flavor of…roasted chestnut? It is apparently modeled after a popular French dessert, though I fail to see how this makes it worthy of a Pepsi flavor. Now, Pepsi Tiramisu, THAT would be pretty freakin’ awesome. Knowing Japan and their penchant for weirdness, it’s only a matter of time before we get Pepsi 420, the soft drink for stoners.

Pepsi Mont Blanc was released to the unsuspecting populace this past October. Are one of the (un?)fortunate people on our fair planet to give it a go? Is it as vile as it sounds?

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