Don’t you hate people who type really loud? I know for a fact that my dog does, because she grumbles like crazy as I type away while she tries to sleep.  Too bad I don’t have a ‘Quiet Keyboard Cover’!

Introducing the ‘Quiet Keyboard Cover,’ another ridiculous gadget from Japanese gadget-maker Thanko, the same minds behind the waterproof spy watch, and the USB-powered necktie cooler (bangs head repeatedly on desk).

This out-of-this-world contraption protects your keyboard from dust and crumbs, while also covering your hands to minimize noise. Apparently, keyboard noise is a huge problem in Japan, as is “the sound of pee dripping on toilet water,” noted the folks at Gadget. The latter was dealt with via the introduction of musical toilets.

What’s interesting is that Thanko has already attempted to fix this keyboard problem. Back in July, 2009, they released a ‘silent keyboard’ that uses silicone to ensure a noise level no higher than 44.5dB. Apparently, 44.5dB is just too loud.

Regardless, the ‘Quiet Keyboard Cover’ is officially available for a price of approximately $35.76. So there are no more excuses. Either pipe down your typing, or get ready to meet Mr. Fist!

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