One can only wonder about Mother Nature and her odd sense of humor when viewing this little duck born in China with three legs and four feet.

The odd duckling was among a batch of 600 purchased by farmer, Yang Fuyong, of southern China’s Guangxi Province.

He discovered the duckling’s plight of having one too many legs and two too many feet while vaccinating all of them.

In its own way, this poor little duckling is fortunate as the farmer decided to sell the other ducklings but keep this unusual one as a pet.

“I have been raising ducks for more than 10 years but I have never seen anything like this before. It has an extra leg behind the other two and that leg has two feet. I’m going to carry on raising it to see how it does,” said Yang.

Local livestock experts are certain that the duck is the result of a genetic mutation.

This type of mutation is rare, but such cases have occurred over the years all over the world.

Check out this video depicting Stumpy, a four-legged duck born in England a few years back.

Just when you thought you had seen it all…




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