A rather odd trend has been developing in China involving naked portraits of newly-weds. There are two options; the couple can either be posed wearing absolutely nothing at all or with sheets (or leaves) placed strategically across their bodies.

The Shanghai Wedding Trade Association for photographers is pressing the government to ban any studio that engages in this practice, claiming that it disrespects the institution of marriage.

“We don’t advocate such wedding photographs as they are out of keeping with the conservative traditions of Chinese people. Weddings should be holy ceremonies, so we hope young people can show respect,” said He Lina, the association’s vice president.

Traditionally, Chinese wedding photos are taken months before the ceremony unlike other cultures. The couple is usually posed wearing either Western or Chinese outfits.

Taking and posing for naked photos falls within the realm of the law, but spreading the display of such in the public domain falls under pornography.

There are naked wedding photos posted on the Internet, and certainly, one can only wonder about the wisdom behind such a decision.

The lingering issue appears to be a debate over the rights of privacy and common sense.

Check out the video below for naked couples in Jamaica, West Indies, who went a giant step further and performed the entire wedding ceremony, a buffo!

Who will win?

Time and the bare truth will tell.




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