Sana Saiyani is a nursery school teacher who loves French kissing, adorable children, and French kissing adorable children.

On October 22, 2010, Sana decided to provide her innocent students at the Eurokids nursery school in Mumbai with a demonstration on how to French kiss. Unfortunately for her, one of them decided to snitch. I imagine it was one of the girls.

15 students were immediately pulled out of the school by their parents, leaving only 35 left to try and ward off the evil seductress.

After protests from parents and teachers alike, Sana was fired, or so the school claimed. Then on October 27th, the school announced that they had instead launched an official 60 day probe. They, however, did not explain what they meant by ‘probe.’

Regardless, this has left quite a bitter taste in the mouths of both parents and teachers alike. In fact, several teachers have already quit over the whole fiasco. And more students have since been pulled out.

“We want immediate results, not a lengthy procedure that will put our children through trauma,” said one extremely concerned mother. “I have withdrawn my child because the school head has refused to lodge a police complaint against the teacher.”

At this point we’re not certain what’s going to happen. Eurokids might want to consider firing Sana immediately, lest they end up becoming a hotspot for members of SIWGLA, aka the South Indian Woman/Girl Love Association.

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