Japanese bra-producer Triumph International—known for wacky concoctions like the Rice Bra, the Solar Powered Bra, and the Chopsticks Bra—is back at it again! This time around they’ve invented a patriotic, talking bra that welcomes visitors with a hearty, “Welcome to Japan!”

Meet the un-cleverly titled “Welcome to Japan! Bra,” an electronic brassiere featuring three push buttons that great visitors in English, Chinese and Korean, respectively. Also included are tour guide flags on each side of the bra for added support, a more attractive bust line and, of course, good ol’ patriotism.

The blue, bustier-style bra was designed to boost Japan’s economy by bumping up tourism up to 30-million visitors per year.

“Identifying and making good use of abundant tourism assets that still remain untapped in Japan will contribute to stimulating the domestic economy,” a Triumph spokesman told the Agence France-Presse news agency.

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