Swarms of uber-sexy and talented South Korean girl band groups have been popping up all over Asian lately. Known for their short shorts and tantalizing dance moves, these groups are now under fire by their own government for being ‘too sexy.’

According to Tokyo Kinky, three extremely popular South Korean girl groups that operate in Japan—Girls Generation, Brown Eyed Girl, and KARA—are being disparaged for projecting an inappropriate image to the world.

The issue is so heated that South Korea’s parliament launched a full-fledged inquiry to investigate why these ladies are wearing such ‘revealing clothes’ and dancing with ‘suggestive moves and lyrics.’

They’re especially concerned about these girls’ ages, as it’s illegal in Korea for a child 15 and under to be exploited as a sex symbol. The big concern is that the record labels are forcing the girls to act this way to attract higher ratings in Japan.

Korean citizens are also brooding over this controversy. Many of the older generations support the parliament’s view, while the younger crowd sympathizes with the ladies.

The situation reminds me of a scene from the Cosby Show in which Vanessa and two friends danced sexily for her parents. They innocently saw nothing wrong with it—as they were just showing off their moves for an upcoming dance contest. But her parents felt quite differently.

Many people also argue that Koreans are afraid to let females become empowered. Truthfully, these young ladies are likely choosing to dance and dress in the way seen. However, sometimes “parents just don’t understand.”

It’s not exactly weird in the usual sense, but I thought it certainly offbeat enough to mention. The beauty of this controversy is that it shows how kids and parents from all over the world are just alike. No matter where you go, you can always count on the youth butting heads with the older generations.

Below is an especially controversial video by the group KARA.

After having watched r&b and rap videos all my life, I personally don’t get the hype. How about you?

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