A Chinese official from the Linyi Highway Bureau in east China’s Shandong Province, whose name has been changed to protect from embarrassment, has sued the police on charges of causing his impotence.

It all happened on Phoenix Plaza along Yizhou Road, Linyi City, on October 23, 2010, at around 9 pm.

A policeman on patrol approached a ‘suspicious’ parked black Santana that was oddly rocking and swaying.

He forced the door open and surprised a naked man and woman having sex on the rolled back front seat. The man turned out to be the officer in charge of the State Highway 206 Yihe Bridge toll and the woman was one of his subordinates.

The man known as Li Jingwei, (pseudonym) confessed to having done this kind of thing with at least 13 other female workers, and was not embarrassed to add that he also has fathered two illegitimate children from these front seat close encounters of the sexual kind.

He informed the police that his behavior was actually his wife’s fault as she cheated on him first!

Both the man and the woman paid a fine for their indiscretion but a few days later, lover boy found himself to be impotent. Doctors diagnosed the cause as “psychological.”

Our man believes that his condition was caused by the public humiliation of the policeman dragging him naked out of the car for all the world to see.

He has carried his allegation even further by demanding that the police compensate him for lost time in the sack.

Calculating that under normal conditions he should have been able to have 5,000 more sexual encounters in his lifetime and using the rate of average 200 yuan per tryst (US $24), he believes the police owe him 1 million yuan (US $146,557) in compensation for damages!

There was no mention in his claim about his partner  being compensated for her humiliation. (It would appear that the art form of fooling around is rather selfish on more than one level.)

After Li filed his claim with the relevant department, his story became the subject of some very heated discussions.

He had more supporters than might be expected, as many believed that his encounters, while certainly not proper, were not prostitution and did not obstruct justice, thereby not warranting forcefully dragging him from his car.

In a nation where suppressing personal liberties is becoming more and more commonplace, one can suppose these supporters do have a point.




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