The world’s oldest known mother of triplets is a woman who lives in Haryana, India, and is 66 years of age.

Even more amazing is the fact that Bhateri Devi had been childless for 44 years of marriage and conceived via artificial insemination.

The two healthy boys and one girl were born this past May at Hisar’s National Fertility Center (NFC).

The babies are the just desserts of the woman’s bitterness against her farmer-turned property owner ex-husband, Deva Singh, who divorced her because she could not give him an heir and remarried two more times to no avail.

“The triplets are a happy coincidence. Bhateri had failed to conceive on two earlier attempts where two embryos were transferred to her womb each time. We made a third attempt with three embryos and were happily surprised when all three became implanted. This is the first documented instance where a 66-year-old woman has nurtured to full term and successfully given birth to three healthy babies,” according to Dr. Anurag Bishnoi of the NFC.

Although an amazing scientific achievement and a first concerning the birth of triplets, it is not a medical breakthrough.

Rajo Devi, a seventy-year-old woman, gave birth 18 months ago to a little girl named Naveen Lohan, with the help of The National Fertility Center, the same doctor and state-of-the-art in-vitro fertilization techniques.

Many childless couples have been granted the ability to conceive under the guidance of Dr. Bishnoi and the NFC.

“More than a hundred women over 50 years of age have successfully given birth at our center and this has been without a single case mortality of either the mother or the child,” Dr. Bishnoi said proudly.

Despite the shadows of problems that can and often do occur with aged parents dying before children are grown and other health issues, bringing a new life into the world is at all times a joyous and miraculous event.

Bhateri’s ex-husband is jubilant about her multiple-birth delivery of that which he so desperately desired at the cost of his wives’ happiness.

Surely somewhere unseen, Bhateri smiles at her victory; that is, if she can find the time in between changing diapers and heating up formula!




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