A 54-year-old Japanese pervert was busted for trying to use a 4-meter-long fishing pole to steal himself some sexy ladies underwear.

So last week a 21-year-old lady and her husband were hanging out inside their second-story apartment while their wet clothes were outside drying on the veranda.

Around that time the aforementioned perv was strolling through the apartment complex when he suddenly spotted the lady’s bras and panties swinging back and forth in the wind. Struck by their beauty, the clever creep decided to try and retrieve them. But how would he do it?

Then it dawned on him. Why not try a fishing pole? So he returned home, got his fishing pole, brought it to the apartment complex, and tried to surreptitiously catch himself some undies. Unfortunately for him, the lady’s husband heard a noise and stepped outside to inspect.

Upon discovering what was happening, the enraged hubby rushed downstairs and put a severe chokehold on Grandpa Flatpants while his wife called up the Po-Pos.

You know, some men like to sniff ladies underwear, while others prefer to wear them. We’re not sure which fetish this fellow prefers, but we do know for certain that he’s extremely passionate about it!

But he’s not the only one. Japan has a long history of underwear thieves. In 2007 an obsessed underwear thief was caught with a stash of over 8,000 bras and panties. And just a few months ago, an underwear thief who had his stash confiscated was arrested for trying to steal back the very same underwear!

It’s an unfortunate but quite funny epidemic. Might I suggest that all these underwear-obsessed men either seek therapy or, better yet, just get a girlfriend!

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V Saxena
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