More than 400 sightings of an elusive, ape-like creature covered with red, gray or black hair have been reported in the mountainous region of Shennongjia Nature Reserve, Heibei China. Known as Yeren, China’s version of Bigfoot, the name means “wild man” and he is said to stand more than six feet tall.

Despite the multitude of sightings and three expeditions launched since the 1980s, Yeren has never been found.

Today, however, plans are being launched for a new expedition that is soliciting worldwide volunteers to join in the hunt for this mysterious creature said to inhabit the mountains regions of Tibet, the forests of Washington State and California, as well as other remote forested areas of the world.

“Unlike expeditions three decades ago, the better technological support will help us get closer to solving the mystery. We are now working together with the China Three Gorges University to develop long-time energy-supply devices to support cameras that will be installed in the creature’s possible habitat,” said Wang Wang Shancai, a 75-year-old expert with the Heibei Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, who is also the organizer of the expedition.

There are also other exciting differences about this new search. Past expeditions were more global, whereas this one is expected to be a localized investigation, with teams limiting their quest to certain caves located in the Shennongjia Mountains, which is believed to be Yeren’s natural habitat.

Past expeditions were not completely fruitless, but they raised more questions than answers. For example, the team discovered hairs that supposedly came from the creature, which when analyzed were found to be neither of human origin nor any other known animal species.

The recruitment for team members is world wide, and open to all males and females between the ages of 25 to 40 who are hard workers, love the outdoors, know biology and are familiar with cameras.

As of yet, no specific timetable has been established for the expedition because of a lack of funds. It is expected that the new expedition will require at least 10 million yuan ($1.5 million).

Attention all Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeren.

The time has come to….





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