Move aside Inspector Gadget, because your days of robotic genius are over! Nowadays anyone can be an agent for good, including you the reader!

Today I introduce to you a spiffy, high-tech spy watch that looks like a normal watch on the outside, but hides a digital camera within its waterproof frame.

Designed by Japanese gadget-maker Thanko, the spy watch features a micro camera that can, unbeknownst to those around the user, capture VGA (640×480) videos and take high-resolution, 1600×1200 still images.

The Thanko Waterproof Video Camera Spy Watch HD, as it’s officially titled, weighs less than 1/10th a pound and features a rechargeable battery that provides up to 90 minutes of video recording. Also included is a USB port for charging, and 4GB of memory for storing spy footage.

More importantly, the savvy little device is IPX8 rated, which means it can be used at depths of 3.3’—you know, just in case you have to swim your way out of a volatile situation.

Plus it’s Windows and Macintosh compatible, which is important because you never know what type of computer you might encounter when traveling the world as a spy.

The watch retails over in Japan for 14450 yen, or $172. But foreign spies can get it directly from GeekStuff4U.

But before you go and begin your career as Stan Smith’s CIA replacement, check out the sample video below.

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