Unfortunately for millions of fans worldwide, it looks like the annoying, low-pitched vuvuzelas used at the World Cup will be resurfacing at the Commonwealth Games 2010.

Slated to begin on October 3 in Delhi, India, the Commonwealth Games 2010 has inspired merchants from all across India to begin selling FIFA memorabilia like the vuvuzela. According to the Agence-France Presse, over 10,000 vuvuzelas have already been moved—and more are likely to be sold before the games even begin.

The overwhelming desire to buy a vuvuzela and annoy ones neighbors is so strong that some merchants are quickly running out. Many of them didn’t expect the vuvuzela to become so popular, so instead they spent their money securing large supplies of FIFA hats and flags.

“We didn’t foresee that they would become more popular than any other FIFA memorabilia in Delhi,” said business-owner Kapil Agrawal.

According to the Associated Press, however, there are still an estimated 40,000 vuvuzelas available. Many of them can only be purchased directly from Premier Brands, the Indian company responsible for procuring and distributing merchandise for the Commonwealth Games.

Regardless, it looks like October is going to be an exceptionally loud month for native Delhi residents. Thankfully, they’re used to and seem to like such noise.

Harris Mbuelelo Majeke, a South African who resides in Delhi, told AFP reporters, “People here like them because in India we associate celebrations with noise.”

Indeed. There’s nothing quite having your ears nearly collapse during the festival of Diwali!

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