The 2010 Commonwealth Games is an international sports competition celebrated by members of the Commonwealth of Nations every 4 years. This year’s festivities will occur in India, a land plagued by small, wild Rhesus macaque monkeys who like to run amuck. In anticipation of the games, Delhi authorities have deployed an army of 10 larger monkeys to keep patrol.

The New Delhi Municipal Council NDMC) has a staff of 28 tall and burly langur monkeys that typically patrol the upscale portions of town. However, 10 additional monkey soldiers have been hired and placed, along with their trainers, right outside the Commonwealth Games.

Chosen because they are large, easy to train, and highly aggressive, the Langur monkeys have been assigned to ward off any wild animals (especially smaller monkeys) that try to attack humans, steal food, or cause any other mischief.

According to the Agence-France Presse, four will be placed by the boxing complex, four will be placed by the hockey complex, and two will be kept in reserve. They say that “the boxing and hockey stadiums” are “particularly vulnerable to monkey misbehavior.” Apparently, monkeys like to box and play hockey?

Regardless, it looks like there won’t be any monkey business going on at the Commonwealth Games this year.

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