We’re taught that monkeys crave bananas, but the truth is that monkeys also crave eyeglasses!

For the past week, a mischievous monkey has been stealing eyeglasses from employees at the Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd (HPPCL) in northern India.

The naughty little primate was responsible for five thefts just last week alone. And even the company director, A.C. Sharma, became a victim!

According to the Indo-Asian News Service, the monkey stealthily snuck into Sharma’s office and then ran off with his glasses.

Unfortunately this story only gets worst. On two separate occasions, the clever rascal pounced on employees, removed their eyeglasses, and them scampered off into oblivion.

“It is becoming a headache for employees here,” said employee Jagdish Chaudhary. “We are advising visitors not to wear spectacles while coming to office.”

The irony is that this unusual behavior is somewhat common in India. Back in 2007, a South Korean tourist staying in Lucknow filed a formal complaint against a monkey after it climbed through his hotel-room window and then fled with his eyeglasses.

“He headed straight to the table where my glasses were kept and took it away,” said the tourist.

According to officer Inspector Govind from Varanasi, it is common for monkeys to harass residents and tourists. And as someone who has been to India before, I completely concur! I never saw a monkey steal glasses, but I sure did see them steal food!

Anyway. If you’d like to know more about the berry-berry bad monkeys of India, take a gander at the clip below.

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