If you’re going to make a bet for a measly $2.42, you should probably take care to ensure that it isn’t something that can come back and kill you. A man in India learned this the hard way when he nearly died after eating a highly venomous snake.

Now, to be fair, the snake was dead, the victim of revenge by one Zaver Rathod, a 35-year old man whose grasp on common sense and reason apparently weakens when incredibly small amounts of money are involved. Rathod, who killed the snake after it bit his friend in the city of Surat, was encouraged by his friends to eat the dead snake for 100 rupees.

The farm laborer eventually became violently ill and ultimately ending up in the hospital with a severe case of nausea and vomiting. In between the violent expelling of his stomach contents, one can only presume he was laughing over the fact that he totally won the bet.

Lucky for Mr. Rathod, the doctors in the hospital that was lucky enough to treat him managed to remove most of the venom before it seeped into his bloodstream and killed him. According to the Times of India, he’ll recover, presumably at the expense of his dignity.

The type of snake in question is unknown, but seeing as there are four venomous snakes that are incredibly common to India (known as the “Big Four“), it was probably one of the following: Indian cobra, common krait, Russell’s viper (pictured), and the saw-scaled viper.

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