The name Angel Kitty rings true among those who make and buy fantasy outfits Japanese style, but the world of electronic accessories is a horse of another color, so to speak.

The company’s first efforts in bridging the two industries was a USB keyboard crafted into a cat outfit, but now that peripheral push of envelope has gone where no one else has dared to tread. The result is one of the most unusual USB keyboards anywhere in the world; one made in the form of bra!

Utilizing a new “bust touch” technology, Angel Kitty’s keyboard outfit mounts a silicon 85-key USB keyboard across the chest of the wearer. The anatomical features of the female body have been taken into consideration, as the wearing of the keyboard on the chest is made as comfortable as possible via silicone inserts.

Compatibility operating systems include: Windows Me, 2000, XP and Vista. The keyboard bra contains 85 keys all of which can be yours for an estimated price of $137 dollars.

It would seem that the motivation behind this creation is to somehow keep workers at their posts. Perhaps it would be more correct to assume that observers near the wearer of keyboard may be mired in place, fascinated by this new and very bizarre lingerie item.

In keeping with the bra concept, Angel Kitty promises to custom build the keyboard so that it matches the cup size of the female and will also adapt the key size to the wearer’s hands.

Perverted peripherals are an odd phenomenon indeed. One can only wonder if some equivalent of carpal tunnel syndrome may occur after excessive use of this keyboard.  Perhaps, more likely, carpal ogle and drool syndrome is more likely to develop.

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