Despite the prevalence of Western fast food, Japanese cuisine is an incredibly diverse and often terrifying affair. While Americans are content with their weirdest foods being a sandwich with buns made out of fried chicken, our friends in the land of the rising sun prefer to nosh on shirako, which is essentially fish sperm; hachinoko, also known as beer larvae; and my personal favorite, basashi, which is, well, raw horse meat. PETA would have a field day with that one.

But sometimes the weirdest stuff is simply a variation of an American classic, like Cheetos. Despite their inherent messiness, everyone loves Cheetos. While fake cheesy goodness is something everyone can get behind, the Japanese have apparently taken this game day classic and enhanced it to, well, not make any sense.

Introducing strawberry-dipped cheetos. Nothing more than the corn puffs sans the cheese and dipped in what appears to be a gooey strawberry-chocolate mixture, these recently released in Japan only morsels of contradictory goodness are reported to be “very good.” These apparently come on the heels of chocolate-covered Cheetos, which joins the ranks of Cucumber Pepsi, which just sounds utterly awful.

These certainly don’t compare to fish sperm or raw horse meat, but their existence is just another reminder that weird can often be a good thing, even if it is contradictory.

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