A twenty-three year old man from Beijing who lost both his arms in a childhood accident has become an expert pianist. Liu Wei always removes one sock before playing piano with his toes, and he is so incredibly adept that he has rocketed to stardom after appearing on China’s Got Talent.

After his first television appearance, his incredible poise and dexterity not only earned him a standing ovation, but many observers were moved to tears by his sophisticated execution of Richard Clayderman’s classic, Marriage D’Amour.

“Music has become a habit for me. It is just like breathing air… Whatever other people do with their hands, I do with my feet,” said Liu.

Since the age of 10, when he grabbed an electrical fence while playing hide and seek, Liu has been driven to compensate for his loss. He has learned to use his feet for everything including: computer work, eating, dressing and even brushing his teeth!

For Liu, mastering the piano had always been an elusive dream, and he was determined to make it a reality. He taught himself how to play with his feet when he was 18.

“For people like me, there were only two options. One was to abandon all dreams, which would lead to a quick, hopeless death. The other was to struggle without arms to live an outstanding life,” Liu told the judges on the show when they questioned him about his amazing abilities.

After watching this remarkable video below, those of us with arms and legs may well question what we consider to be “problems” with our every day lives. But we should keep our mouths shut even if answers come when standing next to someone like Liu Wei.

Kudos to you, Liu!

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