Super Boy, or Kuàilè Nán Shēng, is a singing contest dedicated solely to male contestants—kind of like a boys-only American Idol. Since its inception in 2007, Super Boy has evolved into a mainstream success in the People’s Republic of China. Especially attractive to audience members is their right to participate in the judging process by text-messaging their votes. According to Wikipedia, this is one of the largest democratic voting exercises to have ever occurred in China’s long and oftentimes tumultuous history.

Super Boy recently further paved the way for democracy & freedom by adopting its first-ever male crossdresser as a competitor.

The “pretty young lady” pictured above is none other than Liu Zhu, a 19-year-old Chinese male who enjoys dressing and speaking like a girl.

Sporting a dress and soaked in makeup, Liu trotted onto the stage of Super Boy on Monday, May 3, 2010. The judges were immediately sent into a state of near-catatonic shock. One of the judges, Miss Anni Meigui, confusedly inquired, “Are you at the wrong place?” Nope. Liu was exactly where he had sought to be—on live television in front of billions of viewers.

But before proceeding with his act, he would have to first prove his gender, as Miss Meigui began an intensive interrogation of Liu: “Is your hair real? Where do you live? Can I see your ID?” She even pleaded to China’s infamous netizens, asking them to perform a human-flesh search on him.

After the rude and unwarranted interrogation, Liu began to sing in what critics describe as a “sweet and beautiful voice.” (See end of article for video.) Whether he might win the competition is uncertain at this point, but that he managed to become an international sensation and charm the hearts of citizens worldwide is not beyond wonder—it is fact!

The response to Liu surprise appearance on Super Boy has for the most part been positive. CNN reports that Japanese website praised Liu: “Not many people in our society really follow their hearts. For their entire lives, these people are either following the crowd or not brave enough to be who they are. Compared to these people, Liu is a real man.”

Well technically, Liu is a man in a dress, which makes one wonder whether he plans to seek transgendered surgery anytime in the near future. According to the Global Times, Liu enjoys dressing up like a woman, but has no interest in a sex-change operation because apparently he’s quite satisfied with his current body.

Unfortunately, a young man who mistook him for a woman acquired a boyish crush on him. But after discovering the truth, “he cried the whole night,” said Liu.

“You have the right to dress whatever you like, but you cannot mislead others,” noted education professor Tao Hongkai of the Huazhong Normal University.

However, some of China’s netizens haven’t been as restrained with their criticism as the professor. “I feel sad to see the pervert Liu Zhu’s popularity among young people. With media and music industry’s applause of these perverse people, our social order and thousands of years’ of tradition are being ruined,” said a netizen from Beihai.

Regardless, we here at WeirdAsiaNews wish Liu much luck with the Super Boy competition. His sexuality/crossdressing aside, he’s one helluva’ singer! Check out the video below if you don’t believe me.

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