Former Guinness World Record winner Radha Kant Bajpai, 55, has reclaimed the record for the world’s longest ear hair.

They say it takes patience to achieve greatness. This certainly applies to Radha, who spent five tediously long years watching his ear hair expand from a mere 13.2 cm to a whopping 28 cm.

He initially achieved a record in 2005 for his 13.2-centimeter long ear hair. However, competitor Anthony Victor (also from India) ousted him in 2007 by claiming ear hair as long as 18.1 cm long.

Upset by the loss, Radha once again went to work by carefully tracking his ear hair growth. Instead of chiming in once it hit 20 cm, however, he patiently pushed forward until it reached a whopping 28 cm.

The truth is that Radha has always been an ambitious man. “I used to think of Guinness world record, but at that time my ear hair was only 5 to 6 centimeters long,” he told ANI reporters.

But it wasn’t until he sought the advice of friends and relatives that the idea dawned on him to pursue a record by growing out his already unkempt ear hair.

And it wasn’t an easy task in that nobody really took him seriously.

“At first the society used to taunt him that why he is growing his ear hair; he won’t receive any record for this,” explained his relative, Shiv Shakti Pandey. “But then by God’s grace, Bajpai made a record and the same people today say that he has really achieved something in his life.”

We congratulate him on his extraordinary victory. But on behalf of all easily-creeped-out people, we beg Radha to not go for the longest noise hair record next! Or if he does go for it, we hope he at least cuts his ear hair first—because too much hair is never a good thing!

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