Not content with just defecating in the mouths of popular rock and roll artists, it appears pigeons are also in the business of serving as spies for Pakistan.

Indian police, seemingly terrified that a rat with wings will glean some secrets for neighboring enemies in Pakistan, recently took into custody a white pigeon found near the border of the two countries. The cause for suspicion: a ring around the bird’s foot and written on its body in red ink a phone number and address from Pakistan.

Although it was taken into captivity in late May, seeing as how Indian police took a pigeon to jail, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that it’s still there for refusing to talk. No note was found with the pigeon, so unless it has a little camera somewhere in that band of his, I don’t think keeping the bird in captivity is going to do much good.

Despite this, at least the pigeon is being kept safe. The health of the bird was a major concern, and its lodgings in captivity are being kept nice and air conditioned for maximum comfort.

The best part of the story is the news that the pigeon is being kept on lock down under armed guard. I’m guessing a cage and a small room wasn’t official enough?