Sogen Kato was supposed to celebrate his 111th birthday on July 22nd, but it turns out he’s already dead.

Local officials with Tokyo’s centenarian ward had been trying relentlessly to contact Kato so they could update their records in preparation for Respect for the Elderly Day in September. However, his family continuously stonewalled them by ignoring questions and even chasing them off his property.

Tired of the silly games, the ward officials sought the assistance of local police officers, who decided to force their way into his home—on his birthday.

But instead of finding him poised over a big ol’ cake covered in candles galore, they found his mummified remains lying in a bed and covered with a blanket. And all he had on was some underwear and pajamas.

A post-mortem investigation revealed that Sato may have been dead for 30 or more years. And it turns out that his family tried to hide his death so that they could inherit the 9.5 million yen (or 109,000 USD) widower’s pension guaranteed to him. FYI… his wife died six years ago.

I don’t know what’s more shocking—that the family waited 24 years for his wife to die so they could collect money, or that they left him in his bed. You’d think they could have at least buried him in the backyard!

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