Today we venture into the dark and bizarre world of Japanese artist Daikichi Amano, a self-declared “perverted master of fish and girls” known for his twisted photography.

Daiichi is a fanatic of cephalapods (think seafood) and pornography, so he has chosen to combine his passions by creating bizarre photos that straddle the line between art and porn. And I’m not just  talking about naked chicks eating shrimp; I’m talking about naked chicks shooting baby eels out their butt. It doesn’t get any realer than this.

Truth to be told, Daiichi is somewhat of a victim. Let me explain. You see, though Japan is a creative wonderland where the mind is literally free to dabble in whatever it fancies, Japan is limited by one defining factor: censorship. There are countless laws forbidding what can and cannot be publicly distributed. In particular, the Japanese do not under any circumstance allow the display of genitalia, whether in erotic pictures, erotic movies or erotic art.

This has in turn led many producers and artists alike to rely on “new methods of expression” to get across their point. One such artist is Daiichi. Though he is clearly brilliant, one cannot help but feel slightly sorry for a man whose mind is warped enough to produce such phantasmal imagery.

Daiichi’s art isn’t just limited to girls and seafood, though. If you don’t believe me, then check out the photos below.

For more photos, just type Daikichi Amano into google. Just make sure you have a vomit bag handy, just in case!

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