Ronak Vitha may be barely out of diapers, but he still managed to set a record for push-ups in his homeland of India by pumping 1,500 arm bends in just 40 minutes. If that isn’t amazing enough, consider the fact that he has been training for this moment for years!

His mother, Ruchi Vitha of Rajkot, India, realized that her son’s body was unusually flexible when at the tender age of two, he joined in on family stretching exercises. She and her husband hired Satyajit Chaurasia, a famous celebrity personal trainer, to work with their son to help him prepare for his record-setting goal.

“He has been doing pushups since his toddler days. When he was 2 years old, we used to practice yoga at home, stretching exercises, and he used to perform yoga on his own, something that was very difficult for us to do…Then we made him do one or two pushups, and the next day he did 10 on his own,” said Ronak’s proud mother.

Trainer Chaurasia coached Indian actor, Aamir Khan, for the film, Ghajini. Similar to the American film, Memento, this Hindu action-thriller feature a hero who, while battling amnesia, is faced with many violent encounters of all sorts.

At the age of four when building blocks and kindergarten appear to be the biggest challenges in a child’s life, this little boy has already established goals for himself. And he is going somewhere. God knows how far he can reach from the lofty perch on which he now stands!

The video below depicts Ronak performing speed pushups in several different ways. His perseverance and determination are commendable, to say the least.

“I want to become a tennis player and also have a body like Aamir Khan’s in the film, Ghajini,” the little boy said.

And who dares not to believe him?

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