The wide and wonderfully weird nation of the People’s Republic of China gives rise to many wacky things, and haircuts are no exception. From long to short to sculpted to shaved, bizarre Chinese hairstyles come in many different guises. Check out our photo rundown of some of the most unusual hairstyles to be found across the Middle Kingdom.

1. The Architectural Scalp

This person evidently has lots of pride in China’s national instiutions – she has transformed the back of her head into a colorful and surprisingly convincing representation of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

2. The Political Message

This man from Henan province had the hair on the back of his head cut into eight Chinese characters. The evidently labor-intensive message translates as “Celebrate the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong’s return”.

3. The Bizzarre Baby Bob

No further explanation necessary…

4. The Whale-Shaped Headache Hair

Even though it looks like it may cause severe neck trauma, this bloated ponytail was all the rage in China during the 19th Century. This lady’s visible discontent may or may not be related to the massive wedge of hair hanging off her scalp.

5. The Shanghai Expo Mascot

This kid looks like he was very excited about the 2010 Shanghai Expo when he got his last haircut. The Worlds Fair-style event, which involves more than 190 countries, is expected to have seen 100 million visitors by the time it wraps up on 31 October.

Alternatively, the boy might just be a fan of ‘Haibao’, the cute official mascot for the event. The little blue cartoon man’s name translates as “treasure of the world”, and his body comes in the shape of Ren, the Chinese character for people.

6. The Olympic Boys

2008’s Beijing Olympics captured the imagination of millions of ordinary Chinese. Estimates for the final bill footed by China for the event range from $15 billion all the way to $40 billion. With the world’s eyes on China for the competition, these youngsters took Olympic fever to unseen new heights with their wacky hairdos.

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