Strange Japanese inventions—we’ve covered them before, but it’s time to cover them again! This time, however, we’re focusing only on gadgets.

The USB BBQ Hotplate

First up is a barbecue hotplate created by BBQ enthusiast Kaizo Acho Ichidai. His desire to warm a meal using his computer led him to purchase six USB expansion cards, plant them inside his PC and then attach them to a USB cup warmer. The result is a USB-powered barbecue hotplate with enough juice to fry an egg or, in the case of Kaizo, warm up some good ol’ Japanese noodles!

The USB Butt Cooler

Next is a round chair cushion from Thanko. Once hooked up to a PC via USB, it can be placed onto an office chair, at which time it’ll blow some cool air right up your butt. This is obviously geared mainly for the summer months, assuming you work for a penny-pinching boss who refuses to turn up the AC. It could potentially also be used for foreplay, but that’s an entire article of its own!

The Digital Camera / Binoculars

Our third invention is a 4x digital camera featuring a 1.5” LCD display, a USB 1.1 interface,  an SD/MMC memory expansion slot and, best of all, a pair of 8MP binoculars. This fascinating gizmo, courtesy of Thanko, seems like it was built especially for computer-savvy voyeurs, as it can be used to spy on your neighbors and then shoot naughty QVGA videos for watching late at night on one’s computer (not that I approve!).

The Kisai Sensai watch

Our fourth invention, the Kisai Sensai aluminum LED watch from Tokyo Flash Japan, uses red, green and yellow LEDs to display the time in hours and minutes. The red LEDs represent hours, the green LEDs represent groups of 5 minutes and the yellow LEDs represent single minutes. It’s rather difficult to master the process of discerning the correct time, but at least you’ll look really cool doing it.

The Singing Toilet

Our last invention comes from the world’s largest toilet manufacturer, Toto Japan. They’ve created an all-in-one toilet codenamed Apricot that features an automated lid, a bidet spray (don’t ask!) and an MP3 player with an SD memory card slot and a detachable remote control. The actual MP3 unit is lodged in a separate control panel designed to be mounted behind the toilet. Oly one song immediately comes to mind to commemorate such an awesome invention: Salt N Pepa’s Push It. “Ah, push it – push it good!”

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